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Timeless, Elegant, Eternal: Celebrating Roman architecture

Walking along the streets of the Roman Forum, looking at the greatness of its buildings, in the city where history fades into legend, it is like stepping back in time.

The symmetry and the clean lines of our jewelry, the breathtaking colors of the marbles, and the elegance of the shape, celebrate the greatness and the monumentality of Roman architecture, empowering you with the ability to impress and overwhelm, like the beauty of the eternal city has always done.

 MaterialsSilver 925, Bianco Carrara marble. 

 Making process: This item is ‘Made to order’. We need  2-3 weeks to handcraft your piece and make it perfect.  Follow us on Instagram to see the making of your piece in our Instagram stories!!!

 Shipping: We will ship this item as soon as it is finished and we will send you an email to keep you updated on the shipping date and tracking information.

*Marble could be replaced by another type with similar features and colors, based on availability.