My story

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I’m Ilaria Romanello, owner, designer and maker ( and a few other things) of The Archismith. My passion for jewelry has been with me my whole life. I love seeing the material taking from under my hands, forging the metal, touching the stones...  

I graduated as an interior designer, and I have always worked in the world of architecture. I loved my job, But there was something missing... Working in architecture, you get to draw and create, but you miss the relationship with the material. So I thought....why don’t a fuse together my passion for jewelry and my love for architecture? And this is how The Arhismith was born.  

I gave up my job in London, and I came back to Italy, my home country, to open a small workshop, where I could be free to create and experiment. After a while, here we are. My dream became a wonderful adventure, where I get to do what I love every day.


We promote creativity as an act of freedom. No one can judge you when you are creating, there is no wrong or right, you are rebelling to rules, to conventions, to given paths. Creativity is freedom.  

Our jewelry is the result of a huge passion for our job and full dedication to the idea of craftsmanship. We strongly believe that everything is better with love and passion. This is what makes the difference between a soulless piece of metal and an alive, vibrant, rare jewel, designed to make an incredible woman feel even more special.

Italian craftsmanship flows in every piece of jewelry, in our identity, and in our design. Every piece is made in our small jewelry workshop in the heart of Florence, filled with artisans that have turned their passion into a job. What does handmade mean if not this? The realization of an idea conceived with love.



All our jewelry is made of 925 sterling silver and marble. 

Marble is an extraordinary natural stone, formed by limestone that has been affected by heat and pressure during years and years under the heart.  

As you might know, marble is mainly used in architecture, and that's why we decided to use it in our jewelry, is the link between those two worlds. We wanted to show the beauty and the great potential that this material has.